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Sponsored Projects Administration

A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is a contract that establishes terms and conditions governing the transfer of research-related data between the University and another institution or company. A DUA between a providing entity and a receiving entity should be fully-executed before any data elements are sent or received.

DUA In (Receiving Data):DUA Out (Providing Data):

DUA-In must be completed when a University PI has requested data from another entity. Typically, the providing entity will provide its own DUA template for University’s review and execution.

A DUA-Out must be completed when a University PI desires to send data to a researcher at another entity. In these instances, a University DUA template will be sent to the receiving entity for review and execution. The University may choose to utilize its DUA template.

All DUAs should be forwarded to the for review.


If a UTHealth PI has requested data to be transferred to him/her from another entity or if another entity has requested data to be transferred from the UTHealth PI, the PI/department will forward a completed Transfer form and any necessary approval letters to SPA. SPA will negotiate the legal terms and conditions of the DUA with the entity.


  1. Submit Word version of  Contract, if receiving data from another entity, to SPA by emailing it to
  2. Submit protocol to IRB (if  you are using clinical data with personal identifiers) and forward approval letter to SPA once received
  3. Complete the Transfer form- submit to SPA click here
  4. Route the final agreement for PI signature - submit to SPA


  • If UTHealth is receiving data, SPA will receive the sponsor’s DUA template from the department or the sponsor.
  • If UTHealth is providing data, SPA will use the standard UTHealth DUA that has been approved by the UTHealth compliance officer and will have the compliance officer approve any changes requested by the receiving entity.
  • Negotiate legal terms of the agreement with collaborator on behalf of the PI and the University.
  • Obtain PI Read and Understood approval (either signature or electronic approval).
  • Route the final agreement with PI signature, if applicable, for institutional signatory to sign
  • SPA will send to collaborator for full execution
  • SPA will assure PI has a copy of fully executed agreement and will retain a copy for institutional record.