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Sponsored Projects Administration

Under HOOP 64, the Sponsored Projects Administration is responsible for the review and acceptance of grants, contracts & subawards for sponsored activities at UTHealth.

This internal review process is necessary to ensure that all sponsored project documentation concurs with the mission of the University and adheres to federal, state, sponsor and institutional policies and guidelines. The review process allows the Grants and Contracts administration team to assure potential sponsors that time and cost commitments are appropriate and all compliance issues (e.g., human subjects, animal use, export controls, conflicts of interest) are adequately addressed.


In order to review and process grant applications, the Grants team requires the complete administrative and financial (A&F) application packet ten (10) days prior to sponsor deadline. The Grants team will not accept application packages that are incomplete or in draft form.

Documents may be routed to the Grants team using Cayuse. The Grants team does not accept A&F documents via fax or email. Once the documents are received, the process as outlined below is initiated.


The Administrative & Financial (A&F) packet consists of all the documents related to the administrative and financial portions of a grant or contract application. In order to review and process a grant or contract application, Pre-award requests the complete A&F packet at least ten (10) days prior to the sponsor deadline. Applications that are submitted less than ten (10) working days prior to the sponsor deadline will be reviewed in the order in which they are received and are not guaranteed for submission.

Pre-award will not accept application packages that are incomplete or in draft form. Contact Pre-award for solutions for any University or sponsor deadline requirements.

A complete A&F packet consists of the following documents:

Regulation (42 CFR Part 50) by providing SPA with one of the following:

A. Conflict of Interest Disclosure form from each subcontractor

B. A screen shot that shows that each subrecipient is listed in the FDP Institutional Clearinghouse.

No other action is required.

C. An LOI or a form signed by the Authorized Signing Official which certifies compliance with the PHS FCOI Regulation

(42 CFR Part 50) for each subcontractor.

For electronic applications that Pre-award will submit, the A&F documents listed above should be received by Pre-award at least (10) business days prior to the deadline. Once Pre-award completes the review and provides the approval, the Department/PI should send the final grant application including the science to Pre-award at least (3) business days prior to the deadline.