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Sponsored Projects Administration

Follow the procedures below to route a proposal to Pre-award for review and approval. The administrative and financial (A&F) packet, including the completed administrative portion of the grant application, is due to Pre-award ten (10) business days prior to the agency deadline.

Route only final documents, not drafts, to Pre-award for review and approval. Draft documents will not be accepted and do not suffice for a completed application.

Proposal deadline submission


A complete A&F Packet for a proposal built in Cayuse includes: SF 424 Research and Related(R&R) forms . All information below is to be completed when uploaded for A&F review:

Upload the following in Documents under the Proposal Summary section in Cayuse:

Route the application to Pre-award by adding Pre-award to the routing chain under the Routing & Approval section of the Cayuse application.

Sponsored Projects Administration will review application while allowing science uploads to be completed. Once SPA approval obtained, proposal will be returned to department for final approval and request for submission. Deadline to request submission to agency is 3 days prior to deadline.


Submit the following to SPA via Cayuse 424:

If the application is to be submitted by SPA, it is the PI’s/Department’s responsibility to provide the final science 3 business days prior to agency deadline. The PI/Department should take into account the time needed for unplanned technical issues, system validations, and for SPA to gain access to the system, as well as SPA’s schedule, etc. to ensure that your application is submitted on time.