Sponsored Projects Administration


From the development of a sponsored research project to final proposal submission; can include just in time & post submission activities.

Includes: Planning your project, Selecting a sponsor and appropriate funding opportunity, Map sponsor requirements to a work plan, Create and use a detailed, project-specific proposal development checklist, Set up your team and assign roles and responsibilities, Create and submit proposal, & Respond to Just In Time/Time of Award sponsor requests

Understanding Funding Sources

Grant Proposal Requirements:


Non Federal


Additional Considerations

Recruit Team


Preparing Budgets

Cost Sharing

NIH Budgets

Submit Proposal/Post Submission:

Proposal Withdrawal

After the Fact Proposals

Supplemental Materials

Just In Time (JIT)

Sponsor Declined Proposals

Planning Contract Agreements

Planning Clinical Trials/Research:

Coverage Analysis

Industry Initiated Clinical Studies

PI Initiated Clinical Studies